MISSION OF GREEN HILLS ESTATE                       

The mission of GREEN HILLS ESTATES is to provide a caring, organized, well-maintained full service residential facility for individuals, who, regardless of financial status, by choice or otherwise, cannot or do not wish to live alone. Currently, entire funding for the GREEN HILLS ESTATES is received through room rentals, private donations, bequests and fund-raising activities.

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"Giving Excellent Health Care is a Family Tradition"

A Typical Day at Green Hills Estate

Green Hills Estate is about living, enjoying life. We focus on care and activities.

Mornings begin with breakfast which is served at 8am, After breakfast, residents are assisted with any personal care needs they may have, such as bathing, laundry, room cleaning and any activities of daily living

Morning activity time begins at 8:30. Activities include; arts and crafts, trivia games, current events, bingo, puzzles, shared reading, stretching and exercises. Weekends activities include, and church services.

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